Last updated 27 May 2024

Bingo is not anything new when it comes to gaming circles, but a lot of people still wonder about how to play online bingo. People have already started moving from actual halls and now prefer online bingo halls more than anything else.

To explain to you how all of it works, I decided to create a thorough online bingo guide that will answer all the questions about playing this popular game.

Which Online Bingo Site is the Best?

With the rise of the popularity of online bingo, a multitude of online bingo sites have emerged. Some of them concentrate on bingo games only, while others incorporate them within their casino site. But what all of them have in common are unique offers, especially bingo welcome offers that they provide to newly joining players.

  1. Jackpotjoy

    100 /100
    Play £10, GET 30 FREE SPINS
    New members only, must opt in. Min £10 deposit & wager. 30 day expiry from deposit.18+. Free Spins: on Double Bubble. 1p coin size, max lines. Bingo: Advertised ticket value based on £1 tickets. Game availability & restrictions apply. 18+. #AD Full T&Cs
  1. Kitty Bingo

    100 /100
    200% Bingo bonus up to £20 + 25 Free Spins' in the cashier
    Min 1st dep (Exc PayPal) £10 for 200% bingo bonus (max £20), 3x wagering + 25 free spins @10p on Fishin Frenzy: The Big Catch. Winnings 25xwagering and max wins 5x bonus. Valid for 7 days. Wagering applies. 18+. T&C's apply. Full T&Cs
    • Daily Bingo Jackpots
    • Progressive Jackpots
    • Live Customer Support
  1. SunBingo

    100 /100
    18+. New customers only. Deposit £10 for 50 free spins on selected games (Accept & wager winnings 30x within 48hrs) & spend £10 on bingo tickets for £50 bingo bonus (Accept & wager bonus 4x within 7 days). Only completed games are credited. Debit cards only. Offer Ends 31/05/2024. T&Cs apply. Full T&Cs
    • Daily Free Bingo
    • Multiple Sun Bingo Slots
    • Free Spins
  1. Betfair

    95 /100
    Reg code: BINW50. GBP customers only. Valid for 30 days from registration date. SMS verification required. Deposit & play £10 cash on Bingo tickets to qualify. Bingo & slots bonuses are non-redeemable. Bingo bonus: 1x wagering. Slots bonus: 20x wagering. Free spins £0.10 each on Fishin' Frenzy Megaways. No wagering requirement on free spins winnings. 30-day expiry on all bonuses. T&Cs apply. 18+. Full T&Cs
    • Live chat support
    • High trust factor
    • Excellent customer service

Bingo Rules

The rules of bingo, whether it is online or in a real hall, are almost the same and are very simple to follow. If you’ve ever watched a movie with a bunch of people in a hall crossing out numbers on a piece of paper and yelling out “Bingo,” well that’s basically it. Even though there are a few variations of bingo games, the instructions for bingo remain largely the same.

You start off by purchasing a ticket on the site. You can get one or more; it is entirely up to you. Numbers are then drawn while you follow your tickets and start crossing out the numbers that you have on your ticket. The more numbers you cross off, the likelier you are to win.

However, there are multiple ways of winning, and it all depends on the game you’ve decided to play. 75 bingo rules might be slightly different compared to 90 ball bingo rules. Depending on the situation, you may need to cross out an entire row or line of numbers, land a specific pattern, or basically cross off all the numbers on your ticket.

  • 1-Line Win: Covers all the numbers in a horizontal line.
  • 2-Line Win: Covers two horizontal lines on a single ticket.
  • Full House: Crossing off all of the numbers on a ticket.

What I propose doing is starting things off by getting familiar with the type of game you want to play. When you are learning about how to play online bingo, be sure to take some time and determine the slight variations between bingo types. Knowing all the online bingo rules by heart will not increase your chances of winning, but it will allow you to follow the game better and compose your own tactics.

How to Play Online Bingo

Types of Online Bingo Games

With different types of online bingo games available, players have the opportunity to pick the one that suits them the most. At the same time, they can decide to try out different variations when they choose. The main difference is the amount of numbers available on a single ticket.

  • 30-Ball Bingo – Also referred to as Speed Bingo due to the rapid-fire way the numbers are called out. It is mobile-friendly and offers higher payouts than other bingo variants. It has nine numbers spread across a 3×3 grid, and in order for a player to win, all nine numbers must be marked out.
  • 75-Ball Bingo – Probably the most popular bingo variant of them all. It is set on a 5×5 card with 24 numbers and a single blank space. 75 numbers are called out in total and wins are offered based on a predetermined pattern, for example, one line, diamonds, four corners, or pyramids.
  • 80-Ball Bingo – This one comes with 16 numbers spread across a 4×4 grid. The main difference is that a number is paired with a colour in this case, so you have red, blue, yellow, and white columns that help to pinpoint the called-out numbers. A jackpot has a minimal guarantee, but the actual winning amount is determined by the tickets sold and their cost.
  • 90-Ball Bingo – This bingo variant is mostly popular for UK players. The tickets are actually sold on a strip of six, but no duplicate numbers on any of them. The cards are divided into three rows and nine columns, resulting in 15 numbers and 12 blanks. 90 numbers in total are randomly called out, and winners are determined by compiling one line, two lines, or a full house. This classic bingo title is particularly prominent among Zeus bingo games, where players can explore multiple variations of it.

How to Open an Account?

Playing bingo games and purchasing bingo tickets online requires you to have an account. You can determine a site that you want to join and register in a few easy steps. Everything that you have to do is as follows.

  1. Find a suitable operator to play online bingo with.
  2. Open the main page and press the registration button.
  3. A registration questionnaire will appear.
  4. Add the necessary info in the designated spaces.
  5. Confirm your registration.

As you can see, it is very simple. I have done this thousands of times on various bingo sites, and the situation does not differ drastically from operator to operator. Once your account is ready, you can view the available online bingo rooms or determine which games you want to play.

How to Buy Online Bingo Tickets?

By creating an account, you have earned the right to be able to purchase a bingo ticket on the site. But before you are able to do it, there are a few things that you have to be sure about. First, pick the right banking option.

Buying tickets means having to set up a payment option that allows you to make those purchases. This can usually be done after creating an account, and the operator should provide you with multiple choices to pick from.

Once you set up your payment method and fund your virtual wallet, you will have to get acquainted with some rules. For instance, learning how many bingo tickets you can buy. Actually, there usually isn’t a minimum ticket requirement set by many sites, so you can easily get one to start with. However, when it comes to the maximum number of tickets. It can range from anywhere from one to 90 and it will depend on the game you decide to play.

The cost of the tickets also varies depending on the operator and the type of game that you wish to play. So for instance, lower jackpot games cost 1p a ticket. Mid or high jackpot games go for between 10p to 50p a ticket. While huge progressive jackpots on online bingo slots may cost £5 or more per ticket.

The process of purchasing a bingo ticket requires you to log in to your account, pick a payment option, and confirm your purchase. Tickets are available before the start of every game.

How to Withdraw Winnings?

So, let’s say you’ve actually gotten lucky and managed to win. Your winnings will be credited to your account, allowing you to move them whenever you wish. But in order to do so, you need to set up a withdrawal system.

Being that you have probably already set a payment method to buy tickets, you can use the same one as your withdrawal option. Choose the withdrawal option from your player’s profile and follow the instructions. You will have to confirm the payment method and enter the amount you wish to move.

Depending on the banking option you have decided to go with, you will need to wait a few business days for the funds to appear in your bank account. Withdrawals usually take much longer than deposits. Nevertheless, as long as you have chosen a safe and reliable operator, the funds will arrive safely in your account soon.

Online Bingo on Mobile

Online bingo can be much more fun if you are playing it on mobile. But how to play online bingo on your mobile phone? The gameplay is actually the same as when doing it on a desktop. The difference is the size of the screen and the ability to play from wherever you are.

However, in order to do so, you will need to download an online bingo app. Most operators have created a unique bingo app that helps players access all of the games and online bingo slots. It works faster that way and grants you access to all of the features that the site has.

On the other hand, some brands decide to go only with a mobile site version. This will not prevent you from playing bingo games, and it will make it easier in some cases. For instance, you don’t need to download an app as you can simply load the site via your native browser and start playing.

The mobile site version is also a good alternative for those who have phones that do not support the app. So whether you are an iOS or an Android user or are playing via smartphone or tablet, you are more than likely going to be able to play bingo games online.

Bingo Lingo: Bingo Chat Terms

Online Bingo comes with its own slang and terms that are often used among players. If you happen to come across some and learn that you don’t understand a thing, don’t worry. With time, you will be able to pick them up and how to use time.

Mind you, knowing bingo chat terminology is as important when it comes to how to play online bingo. But it can be helpful. Plus, it allows you to become a part of the community and collaborate with people in terms of tactics and all kinds of things.

Now, I don’t have the space to mention all of them, but here is the bingo lingo that I found amusing to learn.

  • 1tg – one to go.
  • 2tg – two to go.
  • b4n – bye for now.
  • bbl – be back later.
  • gg – good game.
  • gl – good luck.
  • wb – welcome back.
  • wd – well done.

As a matter of fact, or aamof as the cool kids say, each number has its own call. Here are some of the terms that UK players use as substitutes for numbers.

  1. Kelly’s Eye
  2. Me and You.
  3. Cup of Tea
  4. Knock at the Door.
  5. Man Alive.
  6. Tom’s Tricks.
  7. God’s in Heaven.
  8. One Fat Lady.
  9. Doctor’s Orders.
  10. (Prime Minister Name)’s Den.

Online Bingo vs. Live Bingo

You may have been a live bingo player all your life and are now wondering what it would be like to do the same in an online setting. To tell you the truth, even though it sounds similar, there are many differences. Playing online bingo actually comes with many advantages and eliminates some of the flaws that plague real bingo halls.

For instance, when playing live bingo, there are usually a lot of people in the same hall. There is a lot of noise and hustle and bustle among the participants; it can often be hard to hear the person drawing the numbers, and sometimes you can’t even hear the person who yells out Bingo.

Online bingo halls do away with the noise factor. Numbers are drawn faster, so you have more time to play. Also, there are a variety of features that can help you, like autoplay, for instance, which marks all the numbers for you.

However, some people still enjoy the atmosphere of a bingo hall. They like the noise and the socialability that comes with it. Online chats also allow you to socialise with other people, but most people still prefer the old-school face-to-face way of meeting others.

🌐Online Bingo🎱🎤Live Bingo🎱
Quiet setting without any noise.Less expensive prices.Unique atmosphere.Pricier tickets.
Added helpful features.Requires a stable internet connection.Socialise with real people.Too much noise.
Faster.Doesn’t have the same social element.Instant payouts.Games may take much longer.
Cheaper games with added promotions.Payouts may take longer.Bigger payouts with more people playing.Need to travel to a hall.

How to play Online Bingo: Conclusion

Most things today are shifting online, and bingo is no exception. But thanks to the awesome operators that we have today and the technology that they use, playing online bingo has become both a thrill and a pleasure. Most people prefer doing it and have decided to abandon the old-school bingo halls for the comfort and warmth of their own homes.

However, you will never be able to transfer the real-life atmosphere of bingo halls into an online setting. There is still a kind of charm that lies in going to a bingo hall and yelling BINGO aloud when you hit a full house.

That said, I think that both variants will continue to exist in tandem. But don’t turn your back to online bingo yet, as you just may be a click away from becoming a hard-core online player.

How to Play Online Bingo: FAQ

I went through all the fundamentals of playing bingo online. But just in case there is something missing, you will surely be able to find it in the answers to the most frequently asked questions below.

Winning at online bingo depends on the type of game that you are playing. Some usual type of ways to win include getting one line, two lines, or a full house (crossing all numbers on a single ticket)

Yes, it is. Online bingo is safe as long as you are playing with a legitimate and licensed operator. Before creating an account with a brand, be sure to check their licensing agreement first. All the serious and top brands will have it displayed on the main page of the site.

The term free bingo bonus usually refers to the promotions that allow you to play free bingo games. Mostly, upon signing up, making a deposit, and playing a bingo game for real funds, you will unlock certain bingo games that you’ll be able to play for free.

According to recent research, the numbers that come out more frequently than others do are 4, 6, 42, 47, 62, and 72.

Missing a number that is called out during bingo is much more possible in a live hall. When it comes to online bingo, the chances of that are much lesser of happening. Most of all, you have additional features and helpers that will allow you not to miss out on any numbers.

Buying more bingo tickets is a tactic which is good to employ when there are fewer players. In that case, statistically speaking, having more tickets will increase the chances of winning. However, if there are more players, your chances fall short if you have only a single ticket in play. So even in that case, more tickets is a tactic that boosts the odds of winning.