Last updated 22 April 2024

After returning to the MrQ games time and again, the hours we spent playing games on this brand’s site resulted in one of the most comprehensive MrQ reviews, which we are eager to share with you.

MrQ Reviews

First of all, we would like to point out that MrQ is a legit and safe casino game platform. The fact that it holds a UKGC licence speaks for itself. Even more, every aspect of this operator is top notch. In other words, the MrQ elements, starting from the promotions, to the game selection, payments, customer care, and other segments boast some of the highest ratings.

In addition to its being the top-of-the-line, legitimised, and safer gaming platform, the games on this website also stand out. For easier access, our MrQ game reviews and MrQ bingo reviews are here placed all in one place. If this whole story sounds interesting, you can find MrQ promo codes on our website, which are up for grabs for easier registration and bonus selection. Registered players at MrQ can use the MrQ promo code for existing customers to access to a variety of promotions including free spins and special game access.

MrQ Bingo Games Review – Our Top Picks

This is one of the MrQ bingo reviews that devoted a special amount of time to testing out bingo games. One thing we know for sure is that our time was well spent. This is mostly because we’ve dived deep into the world of very interesting bingo games that this brand made available.

With 11 different rooms, we discovered every nook and cranny of the 75 and 90 ball bingo games. We found ourselves in various different rooms, and had memorable moments in each one, respectively. All this led us to provide you with the most precise ratings of the best bingo games made by the most famous software providers.

If we were to narrow our thorough process of testing, it’d come down to a few of our favourite games. One of them is definitely the On the House bingo game. We had a chance to play this game every ten minutes. Amazingly, it was the game where we hit the nail on the head many times. It’s not only the bingo, but the best slots on MrQ that you can read about in this review.

On the House Bingo Review

Way back when, in times of making our first steps, we ran across the On the House Bingo game. Little did we know that this was a perfect match. The main reason behind this is that it is a beginner-friendly bingo game allowing you to have some interesting moments with low deposits.

As for the game itself, this is a 90-ball bingo game that features three potential opportunities to win. If you complete the first line, you will be the one to win the first prize. In case you have all the numbers called on two lines, there’s a second prize awaiting you. Finally, the full house prize comes after completing all the numbers on a single ticket.

The good thing here is that you only need to deposit £10 in order to unlock bingo game rooms. Then, you can join the lobby and get 6 free bingo tickets, which you can use to play bingo for real fund prizes. In fact, you don’t need to mark numbers yourself, as this is automatically done. The same goes for calling bingo.

Pinch a Penny Bingo Review

Are you in for the cheapest bingo game on the website? If you like the 90-ball bingo concept and not rushing things, this game is the right one for you. When we say not rushing things out, what we mean is that you can spend an interesting amount of time while having slow bankroll dynamics.

When buying tickets, you should buy a bundle worth £10. Since one ticket costs only a penny, you can play as many as 1000 games. These are some of the cheapest tickets for bingo out there. The Pinch a Penny bingo game is actually one of the easiest ways to spend some leisure time and add a small competitive element to it.

Tropic Like It’s Hot Bingo Review

Traditional bingo is interesting, but have you ever thought about something new, something that stands out of the ordinary? For all bingo fans who like the latest new-age bingo, the Tropic Like It’s Hot bingo room brings exactly that. With cards instead of numbered balls, your 10p tickets will be colourful and interesting.

This summertime bingo game has a 3×3 setup. There’s only one way to win in this game, and it’s to have the full house. You can achieve the picture bingo full house by marking all the images after a maximum of 30 calls. One thing we think could change is this game’s short availability time (9 PM-10 PM).

Cheap as Chips Bingo Review

The Cheap as Chips bingo game revolves around tradition. It’s actually a simple 90-ball bingo game made for traditional bingo game lovers who like to keep the classics alive. Our Cheap as Chips review found no special features in this game.

This is another 10p bingo game. The ticket price here is somewhere in the middle when compared to On the House and Pinch a Penny games. While its ticket prices are the same as in the Tropic Like It’s Hot game, the latter game is more interesting if you ask us, due to special features compared to the Cheap as Chips, which has none.

MrQ Review

MrQ Casino Games Review – Our Top Picks

This is one of the MrQ reviews that missed no chances to bust out all the MrQ games. Just as we were determined to fully test bingo games, we did the same in the casino section and singled out the best MrQ best games.

We used to jump from one game to the next, spinning the reels and checking the graphics, design, gameplay, and much more. It took us quite a while to do so, but the list of the MrQ best slots we’ve come up with won’t leave you high and dry.

The online casino experience we had made us put one game on a pedestal; and that’s Starlight Princess. You may be wondering about what made us put this video slot among the best casino games. The answer is our diverse MrQ casino experience we had with it, which you can check out here.

Starlight Princess Review

The first factor that made our Starlight Princess review mark this game as a favourite relates to its theme and graphics. The cartoonish graphics, full of bright colours, cartoon-like characters and beautiful symbols, can hardly go unnoticed here. The symbols and graphics may be versatile, but the game is pretty easy to play.

The bonus rounds in this game include win multipliers as well as rounds with free spins. What’s more, the RTP rate of this Pragmatic Play game is above the average. This has to be one of the main reasons why we put this game in front of any others.

The parallel bingo and casino game reviews made us realise that Starlight Princess is actually similar to the Tropic Like It’s Hot Bingo game. The high colourisation in both games, punctuated with different cartoon-like symbols, makes both of them visually appealing.

Starlight Princess Review

Plinko Review

The world of online casino games on this brand’s site is everything but plain, considering the games you can find. That being said, we’re pleased to tell you about Plinko, a very interesting casino game that isn’t a classic slot. It’s a very convenient game to play on a big screen with friends and family on weekends.

MrQ casino made sure to feature something unique. So, the way to play this game is to select your stake and click on the “bet” button. Once you do that, a ball will drop and start bouncing towards the end of the pyramid. Should it take the path where one of the potential prizes are, it will collect it along the way.

You can always adjust your stake amount in between your bets. Also, you will be able to increase or decrease the “risk level” by widening or narrowing the pyramid multiple spaces at its bottom. Plus, another unique feature here is that you can set the number of rows (8-16).  Every row contains a different number of spaces, thus directly influencing your potential winnings.

MrQ Plinko Review

Monopoly Big Baller Review

The Evolution Gaming slot provider has brought some new stuff to the table. It’s the casino monopoly game many players are talking about. The attention it brought referred mostly to its unique combination of bingo and lottery aspects. As this is one of the MrQ reviews that just adores bingo games, our Monopoly Big Baller review is full of praises. First of all, you should buy tickets for this game.

The tickets allow you to mark numbers horizontally, diagonally, as well as vertically. Monopoly Big Baller does not feature one, two, or three special elements, but four of them. The first one is free space. This is about having additional spaces on your ticket which are automatically filled to make winning lines. Moreover, you’ll see a “chance” multiplier feature that can appear on numbers or entire cards.

These can directly increase potential total winnings. Another feature is the bonus game where, when numbers visible in the 3 Rolls/5 Rolls card game appear, Mr Monopoly will roll 2 dice and walk across the map to collect potential winnings. The dice may land on some fields that may lessen your winnings of up to 10% or 20%, too.

Finally, the jail feature means no multiplier until you roll the double on the dice to escape it. This game has many special features compared to regular bingo and lottery games. While keeping the basics almost the same, it’s a lot more adventurous than bingo or lottery.

Monopoly Big Baller Review

Big Bass Bonanza Review

One of the most commonly played casino games also made its way to our list. Pragmatic Play was really up to a task when depicting the beautiful aquaristic world in this game. Fishing with the most advanced equipment that adorns the reels together with poker card symbols, has never been more interesting for our slot game review.

Our Big Bass Bonanza review discovered that it has one more bonus feature than Starlight Princess. Also, your bets can have a wider range of possible stakes. Lastly, both games have a high RTP rate, but Big Bass Bonznza’s RTP rate is even a little bit higher. All this made this game appear on many lists of the best slot games on lots of different casino platforms.

Big Bass Bonanza Review

9 Pots of Gold Review

The green colour permeates this game as its theme is Ireland. Set in ancient times, 9 Pots of Gold is a game with various unique symbols. The game is especially interesting because most of the symbols there relate to Ireland. That’s how you’ll come across a four leaf clover, pot, toadstool, hat, fiddle, etc.

This is yet another of MrQ reviews that found this game special because of its graphics and design. The colours are very vivid, and the 5×3-reeled interface is full of magic, especially when special wild and scatter symbols appear and combine.

On the other side of the gaming, we have an RTP rate that is a bit smaller in comparison to Starlight Princess and Big Bass Bonanza. Anyone who seeks a higher RTP rate may choose the first two games over this one. This is one of the reasons why we ranked it a bit lower. Nevertheless, it’s one of the titles the Games Global slot provider is proud of.

9 Pots of Gold Review

Addressing Safety Concerns – Is MrQ Legit?

No matter which games you wish to play, or how long, choosing a legit platform is always a must. In relation to this, our thorough research did not only encompass bingo and casino games.

Before all else, we focused on the players’ reviews of this platform found on Trustpilot. The highest percentage of reviews were 5-star ratings. The ratings are, of course, miscellaneous, but the high ones predominate the overall rating.

The MrQ reviews such as this one were much oriented towards finding out is MrQ legit or not. With this in mind, we’ve checked multiple things on the website itself, and had a look at many MrQ gambling official statements in order to find this brand’s true colours.

What we concluded was that this is a licensed and trustworthy operator. It takes a high spot when compared to other brands. Furthermore, we have no records of any issues regarding regularities and the general legal matter tied to this brand.

As pointed out, one of the main sources we based our review on included the user ratings available at Trustpilot. The overall rating of this platform is not perfect. However, despite some negative reviews, a rating of 4.1 stars is very high in the world of casinos. All of this leads us to emphasise the MrQ customer service and MrQ live chat, along with its other high-quality services.

Is it Safe to Make a Deposit at MrQ?

Making a deposit on this platform is actually very simple. In general, it resembles any regular online purchase. It’s all about creating an account, choosing one of the available methods and confirming the transaction. Some of the quick and effective payment methods which you can use are debit cards, a bank transfer option, an e-wallet payment service, and mobile payments.

After you make a transaction, your funds will be available in your account balance. It’s crucial for you to know that the funds that you deposit are completely safe on your account balance. The transactions themselves are encrypted and are, therefore, extremely secure. You get to choose how you will use your funds.

In case you wish to keep track or limit the amount of funds you use, this operator includes a lot of useful, safer gambling tools designed specifically for this. For example, you can limit your deposits and your stakes.

Even more, you can set different limits based on the period you want them to be active (daily, weekly, and monthly). There’s a hard-working MrQ customer service team which you can always contact if you need to know more about this.

MrQ Payouts – Any Issues?

All detailed MrQ reviews take into consideration both sides of the coin. This means that, besides the praise it deserves, we put in a word or two about some downsides here, too. We didn’t really run into many cons. So, we’re going to address one small issue that some users disclosed on Trustpilot, and it’s about waiting for too long for withdrawals to complete.

As far as our experience goes, we usually had our funds transferred in about 72 hours. The instances where MrQ payout time takes about one week to finish are very rare. More precisely, they mostly happen due to some additional verifications that this operator or banks may need to complete.

Regardless of the exact time of your payments’ processing, we know one thing for sure, and it’s that you will receive the funds that you withdraw eventually. We know that for a fact, as we were the ones to test this brand’s withdrawal methods. The encrypted payments on this platform are always processed thoroughly and funds are always safely delivered.

Does MrQ Have Good Customer Support?

Using the services of a legitimate operator such as this one also means that you can count on its MrQ customer service for help at any time. Additionally, you can choose from several contact methods when getting in touch with this brand. For instance, you may use the MrQ live chat or email to getyour potential issues resolved pretty fast.

Before that, you can also read a detailed FAQ section on the website. It provides a wide variety of information on the most common topics and issues. MrQ reviews such as ours usually come down to stressing that this operator takes care of its clients and will, therefore, try its hardest to consider any problems that players may have.

MrQ Review Summary – Pros & Cons

Years and years went by since we first started using this platform. Looking back, we really had no doubt about what our choice would be. Firstly, our bingo and casino gaming experience was brought to a whole new level. It’s thanks to bingo games like On the House Bingo, Pinch a Penny Bingo and Tropic Like It’s Hot that we felt this way.

On top of that, we don’t think any other game could replace the experience we had with games like Princess Starlight, Big Bass Bonanza, Plinko, and 9 Pots of Gold. We had our transactions done in no time, as well as all the problems we had taken care of very shortly after we’d let this brand know about it. To present all this to you quickly, we’ve made a pros and cons table below.

Very interesting bingo games, with special rooms.The list of traditional bingo games could be expanded a tad bit.
A great set of very popular casino games, most of them having high RTP rates.
Speedy and reliable encrypted payment options.
Various contact methods with highly responsive customer support.
The possession of a legal operating licence with high general safety standards.