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23 May 2021

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Foxy Bingo is one of the biggest bingo focused websites in the United Kingdom. It has been a solid gaming site for bingo lovers and has managed to build a remarkably loyal following from Bingo fans all over the UK. This popularity is due to Foxy Bingo’s attention to detail and its dedication in ensuring that its members receive high value discounts promotions and offers all year round. This time, we’re gonna talk about the best Foxy Bingo Games.

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Have you been searching for a remarkable online betting site where you can quench your bingo thirst whenever you want to test out your luck? Well, if you become a member of Foxy Bingo, there’s a good chance that you will never feel the need of wanting to spend your precious bingo gaming time anywhere else.

In the next couple of paragraphs, you are going to find out a great deal of information about the top bingo games on Foxy Bingo. After you are done reading this exhaustive review of the best Foxy Bingo Games, you’ll never have to scratch your head about which bingo game to play whenever you land on the lobby.

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What’s the Foxy Bingo 90 Ball Bingo?

The 90 Ball bingo game is by far the most popular version of bingo at the Foxy Bingo lobby. That’s probably because it is similar to the Bingo variant that you can find in any other bingo hall elsewhere.

How to play bingo

Player’s in the UK like it a lot because it’s quite easy to figure out and the more you understand the more fun you’re going to have at Foxy Bingo’s lobby. Here’s a quick overview of what the game is all about;

  • It comprises of card marked with 27 squares in a 3×9 formation (nine vertical lines and three horizontal lines)
  • Every line contains 9 boxes that have 4 empty slots and 5 marked numbers
  • In most cases, this Foxy Bingo game will be played using strips that each contain 6 tickets where a single strip will indicate the sum of the numbers 1 to 90 distributed among these 6 tickets.
  • The numbers are called out by the caller one by one as they are taken out and a number will only be called out once in every bingo game.
  • Here, there are three main combinations that will lead to a pay-out and each combination comes with its own rewards. These winning combinations are:
    • Any Single Line: this covers all the figures in any given row
    • Any Two Lines: here, all numbers in any two rows can earn you a pay-out
    • A Full House: all the fifteen numbers that appear of the ticket are covered
  • You can also win all the 3 prizes of the combinations if you are able to create each pattern first

Pretty easy, right? If you want to have a chance of making more money out of 90 Ball Bingo, make sure you choose Foxy off-shoots that are accompanied by progressive jackpots such as Good Ship Foxy, No Fox Given and Glitter Fox.

What’s the Foxy Bingo 75 Ball Bingo?

Though a bit complex, this type of bingo is one of the best bingo variants to take on since it offers an unlimited number of winning combinations. That simple fact makes it quite lucrative because you have numerous opportunities of landing on a tangible payout.

Here’s a quick overview of the 75 Ball Bingo game at Foxy Bingo;

  • Unlike the 90 Ball Bingo card, this one comes in a 5×5 grid card with the word BINGO boldly indicated across the uppermost part of the card.
  • Each letter of the word B-I-N-G-O is arranged in such a way that the numbers in the grid fall under the letters.
  • The centremost part of the grid, i.e. the third box of the third column is usually a free space and sometimes, it could be having a star symbol. All the remaining boxes contains numbers and the middle number is normally offered for free.
  • To complete a winning pattern, you are supposed to cross off all the numbers that appear on your card as the caller announces them randomly.

At Foxy Bingo, the most lucrative 75 Ball variations are the ones that are accompanied by Jackpots and Progressive jackpots such as Foxy Loves and Jack Fox since you are given an opportunity to collect massive wins.

What’s the Foxy Bingo’s 52-5 Bingo?

This type of bingo game brings a unique twist to the classical bingo versions since it uses playing cards rather than balls like in other bingo games such as 75 Ball and 90 Ball bingo.
Bingo game rules

Below is a quick outline about this unique but exciting bingo game;

  • Just like in other bingo games at the Foxy lobby, you’ll have to purchase a ticket in order to take part.
  • These tickets are referred to as a hand and they consist of 5 playing cards taken out of a deck of 52 cards, excluding the jocker cards.
  • The caller of the game then calls out the playing cards randomly. If you have any of the called-out cards, they are covered by a chip.
  • To win, you are supposed to be the first player in the game to achieve a Full House first. A Full House means that you cover all the five cards that you purchased.

Foxy Bingo Cash Out Feature

Cash out bingo is here with the all-new Foxy Bingo cash out feature. Bingo has become a real hit with the online community and thanks to the Foxy casino advert, Foxy Bingo is one of the most popular games on the market.

Now GVC Holdings, who run Foxy Bingo, have announced that a brand new addition to the game will be available for all customers. The Foxy Bingo cash out feature will give players an even bigger chance of winning money.

All players with just one number to go (1TG) will have the opportunity to cash out and take a guaranteed payout before the game has finished. Players will have 20 seconds to decide whether to cash out or carry on playing.

The cash amount of a Foxy casino withdrawal will depend on the overall prize fund of the game in question. But the Foxy Bingo cash out feature allows players to be quids in without even winning a game.

Online bingo promotions have tended to concentrate on free games or account bonuses. But the introduction of the Foxy Bingo cash out feature gives players a whole new way to end up winning – whatever the final outcome.

What Does Cash Out Mean?

If you are at all familiar with online sports betting you will know that cashing out is a very popular option. In sports betting it gives customers the chance to cash out before the end of an event to ensure that they have at least some money from the wager. It is a way of guaranteeing a payout when you think your bet may not end up being a winner.

An example of cashing out would be taking the option when you have bet on Liverpool to win 2-1 – and with 10 minutes to go the opposition are pushing hard for an equaliser. If you are unsure whether your bet will be a winner you can take the payout regardless of the end result.

Parting Shot

If you are a bingo fanatic then this is your ultimate site to have the time of your life. In case you have never tried playing any bingo game, we recommend that you first start with the 90-Ball Bingo games then switch to 52-5 Bingo to have a taste of something different!

The next time you are at Foxy Bingo’s lobby, try out any of the above bingo games that we’ve outlined and you might just find yourself laughing to the bank. Feel free to let us know how you faired at your Foxy Bingo rounds right here in the comments section.

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